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The UPEC Industrial Group offers a wide range of abrasive tool of its own production. Abrasive wheels, rings, cups/bowls, points and grinding heads with ceramic, rubber and bakelite bonds of different hardness. A range of output product dimension is from 16 to 500 mm. Different abrasive material types are applied: fused alumina, silicon carbide.

All UPEC products are UkrSEPRO certified and have appropriate certificates.

Our company has an opportunity and potential to manufacture tool upon the customer’s request.

As soon as we receive your request and requirements to the abrasive tool, we will provide you with our best and most attractive price offer. From our side, we guarantee product high quality, attractive prices and on-time deliveries.

Abrasive (grinding) wheels with ceramic bonds 

Hardness – I (M2), J (M3), K (SM1), L (SM2), M (S1), N (S2), O (ST1), P (ST2)
Part processing speed – 35-60 m/sec
Applied material – fused alumina F46, F60, F80, F100, F120, F150, F180 (25A, 14A)
Wheel type – straight profile 2P, 3P, PV, PVD

25А(14А) 500-400 х 80-8 х 305/203  
25А(14А) 450-350 х 80-8 х 203/127
25А(14А) 300 х 100-8 х 127/76
25А(14А) 250 х 100-8 х 127/32
25А(14А) 200-175 х100-8 х 76/20
25А(14А) 165-135 х 100-3 х 32
25А(14А) 130-100 х 100-3х32/20
25А(14А) 95-63 х80-10 х 20
25А(14А) 55-35 х 50-6х16/13/10
25А(14А) 32-25 х32-10 х 10/8/6
25А(14А) 20-16 х 25-10 х 8/6

Abrasive (grinding) wheels with rubber bonds

Hardness – GM, GS, GT, SM, ST
Part processing speed (GM, GS, GT) – 18-20 m/sec  
Part processing speed (SM, ST) – 35 m/sec
Applied material – fused alumina 14A – F46, F60, F80, F100, F120, F150, F180
Wheel type – straight profile PV, PVD

14А 500-400 х 150-10 х 305/203  
14А 450-350 х 150-8 х 203/127
14А 300 х 150-8 х 127/76
14А 250 х 100-10 х 127/32
14А 200-175 х100-10 х 76/20
14А 165-135 х 100-10 х 32
14А 130-100 х 100-6х32/20
14А 95-63 х80-6 х 20
14А 80х10-4 х 20
14А 63х10-4 х 10/20
14А 50х6х10
14А 40х10-4 х 6

Cutting-off abrasive wheels

14А 300х3х32
14А 250х1,2-4х32
14А 200-150 х 1,2-4 х 32
14А 125 х 1,2-4 х 32
14А 60х2х10
14А 50х2х6
14А 40х2х6

Abrasive (grinding) wheels with bakelite bonds

Hardness – I (M2), J (M3), K (SM1), L (SM2), M (S1), N (S2), O (ST1), P (ST2) 
Part processing speed – 35-50 m/sec  
Applied material – fused alumina 14A – F46, F60, F80, F100, F120, F150, F180  
Type – points/heads, cups/bowls


Straight profile: 14А - 32х40х10, 32х50х10, 40х40х12, 40х50х12 
Profile16: 32х50х10, 40х63х12
Profile 17: 32х50х10  
Profile9R: 63х80х14  


14А - 102х40х22 102х40х14   

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